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Andrew Bretton Counselling

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About me and my therapy practice

My name is Andy and I will meet you with warmth and acceptance wherever you are in your life, without any expectation or judgement of you. Providing a safe and confidential space for you is paramount to me. I have found that anyone given an accepting space in which they are heard and truly listened to can, and does, make progress towards learning more about themselves and the struggles that they have.


I am an integrative counsellor and see the therapeutic relationship as central to the counselling process. Being Integrative in approach means that I can draw on several different ways of counselling*, whilst filtering everything through a person-centred approach where I would help you to explore your own issues, feelings, beliefs, behaviour, and worldview, so you can become more self-aware and achieve greater independence.


The connection built with a person-centred approach is one that has the potential to be dynamic in promoting and assisting personal growth for you. As you get to know yourself more completely you can build a new awareness of self and a new way of being. We would develop together a greater understanding of your experiences in order to bring clarity, find possibility and build the resources that will help you meet the challenges you face.


I offer face to face sessions at Sycamore House Kingswood BS15 8DB Bristol and also work online via the Zoom platform.


 *Gestalt and Internal Family Systems understanding and client led compassionate enquiry.









Andy Bretton Counselling


Telephone: 07597 765112


Social Work England Registration: SW21963

BACP Individual member: 00986639

My areas of specialism

  • Anyone affected and impacted by adoption, fostering and kinship care, whether as a child, parent or carer.

  • Spiritual and religious abuse, adverse religious experiences and faith changing or shifting.

Client feedback after working with me

“I felt safe and was able to say what I needed to”

“I felt understood”

“I felt accepted and not judged”

“You helped me through a healing journey”

“I won’t forget your non-judgemental listening and providing a safe space for me


I currently have space for new clients.



I offer a free 15-minute telephone call to answer any initial questions you may have. I then currently offer an initial session of 50 minutes at £25 to see if we will meet together for further sessions.

Whether online or face to face all subsequent sessions are £55 for 50 minutes.


  1. Diploma in Counselling (Integrative)


     2. Post Graduate Diploma in Social work


    3. Recent Training:

     June 2024

  • Fundamentalist religious childhoods and adult health: Implications for practice in one-to-one therapeutic encounters

  • Introduction - Treat Trauma with Internal Family Systems Therapy: Step-by-step procedures for healing trauma, anxiety, depression and more.


I have 20 years+ as a social worker in fostering and kinship care services. Through this work I have had the privilege of seeing life from multiple angles and been able to develop deep empathy for people. As a social worker I have been therapeutic in my work with young people and adults as they navigate their lives.

I have worked for the last two years in a counselling agency in Bristol.

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