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Melinda Gray Psychotherapy (T)


Affordable Psychotherapy

Melinda is a trainee UKCP Psychotherapist.  She has 5 years of experience working with adults of all ages experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship and parenting difficulties, low self-esteem, dissociation, historical childhood sexual abuse, bereavement and loss, self-harm and addiction.   She is completing her training in the autumn, so is currently setting her fees low.

My experience and interests as a therapist

She is passionate about finding ways to resolve developmental trauma and works in therapy with how we experience this in our body.  She has experience and training in adoption and therapeutic parenting.  She has also managed a counselling helpline for people who self-harm as a way of coping with their feelings


A bit more about me

Melinda is a qualified yoga teacher, with many years’ experience of working with, supporting and supervising individuals in charities and business.  She volunteered on a psychiatric ward teaching yoga to patients with severe mental illness.

Training & Qualifications


She will be completing her training at BCPC this year on the UKCP accredited MA in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. I work under UKCP and BCPC Ethical Principles and Code of Practice. My UKCP membership is: 2011164710




£35 - £40 per session